The Penguin


How does the famous Penguin rise to power in Gotham City after the dark events of The Batman? This is the focus of the new series The Penguin, created by Lauren LeFranc and produced by Matt Reeves, who was given complete creative freedom and the opportunity to use the talent of serious acting names to maintain interest in one of the most beloved comic book characters.New streaming service Max (which replaced HBO Max) is behind The Penguin, in which Oswald “Oz” Cobblepod (Colin Farrell) – the right-hand man of underworld big boss Carmine Falcone – uses the shifting layers after his boss’s death to his advantage and is ready to take on the most ruthless mafia group in town. Falcone’s daughter Sofia (Christine Miliotti) also joins the battle for control of the city. According to Reeves himself, The Penguin will fill the gap between the Batman storyline and the upcoming sequel, and will give insight into how crime families react to the threat of the Dark Knight’s presence and the insanity of villains like the Riddler (Paul Dano in The Batman) and the Joker (Barry Keoghan).What we have seen is more than enough for us to be sure that Colin Farrell deserves awards everywhere in the film world, simply because he is uniquely good. It’s true that we’ve said the same about many other actors, but right now his ‘penguin’ incarnation is right in front of our eyes and it’s great. It’s as if Matt Reeves found a time machine and returned to the dark New York of the early 20th century, when all sorts of gangs were on the rampage, to film how one of the famous Italian mobsters dispensed “justice” with a few pistol shots.In addition to The Penguin, Reeves is also working on several spinoff series that will further expand his unique vision of Gotham and the famous characters in this city. Robert Pattinson is expected to once again dispense justice as Batman in The Batman: Part II and the as-yet-untitled third installment.

Along with Colin Farrell and Kristin Miliotti, the cast of The Penguin also includes Clancy Brown, Michael Zigan, Michael Kelly, Renzi Feliz, Deirdre O’Connell, Scott Cohen, James Madio, and others.