The Regime(2023)


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We’ve known for a while that our absolute favorite Kate Winslet loves working with HBO and is developing two different miniseries with them, but we didn’t know which one would come out first. At a special event a few days ago unveiling the new branding of the combined platform between Warner Bros and Discovery – Max, we got a trailer for one of them and we couldn’t be happier, although we’ll have to wait a long time for the series itself to come out .We’re happy to share that the first trailer for The Regime doesn’t just live up to our expectations, it raises them even further, not to mention we’ve got a great cast to support Winslet in this endeavor.Of course, we’ve never doubted that Kate Winslet would be perfect in any role, but we admit that it’s especially exciting that we’ll be seeing her as the leader of a dictatorship—someone who simultaneously wields a lot of influence that he must be able to use, even though he knows that many people do not like him. We are most intrigued by the idea that Winslet’s heroine, who at first glance would be the “villain” in the story will be explored in the full complexity that is usually given to the protagonist – their doubts and difficulties, how they struggle with their convictions and their enemies. We are also interested in whether she will be someone who believes her own propaganda, or will simply be clamoring for power and repeating learned phrases to her audience, be it the people or diplomats from other countries.